Friday , September 22 2017

This Chinese Herb (+ Iron) Kills Cancer Cells in 16 Hours

By: Amanda Froelich,  True Activist. 150 years ago Cancer was almost non-existent, but with the inclusion of processed foods, low-quality meat and dairy, and refined sugars into the standard diet, disease and sickness sprung up in the body, and quickly became a human epidemic. To this day, most mainstream medical doctors and …

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Cholesterol Drugs DO NOT Prevent heart attack and stroke but Can Cause Cancer. (here is what to use instead)

Millions of people are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins to lower their cholesterol. It’s a 29 billion dollar industry that had most of us fooled completely. Doctors prescribe these statin drugs regularly against heart attack, stroke, inflammation and other health ailments. However, despite their incredible popularity, cholesterol lowering drugs failed to …

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