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She Lost 52 Pounds in 6 Weeks, And Used Only One Trick Before Going To Bed!

The method called ‘’Flat Belly Overnight’’ was Andrew Raposo’s idea and he is eminent trainer.

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This method has a duty to melt 2 pounds of abdominal fat during the night when you sleep with the help of one simple trick that is working on the belly area. Andrew used this method for a long period of time and he never thought that it can be from such a great help to many other people. He realized that he can help other people with this method when he helped to his sister to melt the excess pounds with the same method.

His sister is named Amy and she had the problem with excess weight for a long period of time. And many people that are dealing with that problem know that to melt the unwanted fat can be really hard process. We all know that healthy diet and regular exercising are the best fat burners but although many people cannot manage to have that kind of lifestyle.

Amy besides suffering from excess weight she had another problem – type 2 diabetes. And doctors believed that the reason for her excess belly fat is actually the diabetes. Amy first started following some advices from nutritionist – to consume more veggies and fruits, to reduce the intake of calories and to exercise regularly. All of that did not provide any kind of help to her.  And she managed to lose the unwanted belly fat with her brother’s method. She managed to lose 52 pounds in less than 6 weeks with her brother’s method. He lost unbelievable 8 pounds only in 1 day. She was not a professional and that is why her brother helped her with making some of the changes. She made some adjustments such as: 3 minute exercise, diet changes and using spices and herbs. She also added some foods that were boosting the metabolism and the exercises were helping in the burning fat process. All the harmful free radicals and toxins from her body were removed with the spices and herbs.

What Andrew mentioned is that women that are over their forties have hormonal changes that come along with the age, and that is why they have problems with melting belly fat. To be more specific the hormonal changes are slowing down the metabolism.


You should also be aware of some things if you decide to be on some kind of healthy diet such as:

-With reducing the calorie intake you will slow down your metabolism and that will lower the energy levels in your body. And when people get older combined with reduced calorie intake the body’s energy levels will be so low that will not be able to melt the unwanted fat.

-What can cause faster heartbeat are foods low in carbohydrates and that is actually increasing the risk of heart disease.

-High intensity interval training can cause inflammation and today the HIIT workouts are really popular all around the world. They cause inflammation and with that the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and stroke is increasing.

Andrew knew about all this things and he had them in mind when he was thinking about the Flat Belly Overnight method, and finally he had the idea with minimizing all of those negative effects.





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