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Scientists Discover new drug that fights Hair Loss and its results are phenomenal

What several thousand men would give worldwide to hear this magical phrase, A “new cure for baldness”. But now all of these can actually hope to be happy because there is a new cure and it takes just four months for a patient to grow a whole new crop of hair.

The amazing new remedy called Ruxolitinib used as treatment for bone marrow has now proven to be effective for growing hair. That is indeed a miracle.

1Baldness now a thing of the past

Ruxolitinib works from the inside by reducing the enzymes that stop hair follicles from growing. All it takes is just four months and voila, you have a thick growth on your bald pate. No more wigs and those painful hair weaving treatments. Volunteers who used the drug displayed almost 90% of hair growth. Alopecia or premature baldness will soon be a thing of the past.

Till now Ruxolitinib was under research and being used for malignancies in bone marrow. But study trials returned phenomenal results for its contribution to hair growth. According to scientists the discovery could benefit thousands of people suffering from Alopecia worldwide.

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2Targets enzymes that cause hair loss

Ruxolitinib targets those enzymes which inhibit hair growth. Called a JAK inhibitor it has a performance level of 90%. The lead researcher of the study Dr Julian Mackay –Wiggan from Columbia University’s Medical Center stated, ‘Although our study was small, it provides crucial evidence that JAK inhibitors may constitute the first effective treatment for people with alopecia areata”. She went on to say that the new discovery was significantly encouraging for those coping with the traumatic effects of Alopecia.


The results of the study relating to the new cure for baldness were extremely positive with the medication inducing a high rate of remission in the disease. However Doctor Julian also suggested that maintenance therapy would be needed.

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