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Story of Michael Jackson’s skin – how he destroyed his face and skin via surgery

Regarded as one of the best musical greats and known by the title of King of Pop, Michael Jackson enthralled the world with his wonderful music, his voice and also his dance moves.

One of the best dancers and probably the most famous person to perform the moonwalk dance move, he made everyone stand up to his talent and left everyone distraught when he died in 2009 at the age of 50 years just ahead of his comeback tour.

He always strived for that perfect look that was different from his father, whom he hated all his life. One of the best examples of cosmetic surgery ruining someone’s natural look, multiple surgeries left him looking disfigured and a completely different person.

1The original look

Michael Jackson was born into a black family and performed as a member of the Jackson Five. One of the most popular child artists, at 19 he wanted to launch a solo career. He had a big afro and a wide nose, which he hated.

He also wanted to get rid of the pimples and acne that plagued him during his adolescence.

The original look

2The first surgery: Nose Job

The first surgery: Nose Job

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Jackson hated his nose. He wanted it to be smaller and asked his sister LaToya Jackson her thoughts on him having Rhinoplasty. He even convinced his sister to be the first one to get the surgery in order to see how it looks.

The first surgery

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3Skin Condition: Vitiligo


Jackson also suffered from the skin paling condition called Vitiligo. The condition caused white color blotches on his skin and he used white make up to hide it. He also started getting skin bleaching treatments after his 1995 hit Thriller.

He also got rid of his huge afro look and his nose started to look disfigured after 3-4 surgeries, resulting in him using a prosthetic nose tip.

Skin Condition

4Wigs, skin whitening treatment and cheek implants


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The color of his skin started to look paler and paler due to treatments. He also started using wigs. In the meantime, he got a cheek implant surgery and regularly used Botox in order to keep the tightening of the skin.

He also decided to have cleft chin surgery in order to make his chin more masculine or as he said ‘more Kirk Douglas like’.

kin whitening treatment and cheek implants

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