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Fruit Infused Water: A Perfect And Healthy Refreshment

Drinking eight glasses of water, which is the recommended daily dose, can sometimes be boring and tiring. This problem can be solved byadding various flavorings to water.


Water with natural fruit flavors is perfect and healthy refreshment. Make it in large quantities and store it in a freezer for it to be is always cold.

Here are some ideas for a flavored, healthy, simple,fruit infused water, without artificial additives,that you can make at home.

All you need:

  • Fruit, whatever you want, except bananas. Note that thefruits are not damaged.
  • Herbs — here you can follow your own taste, but be sure to use plants that agree with the chosen fruit, such as mint.
  • Jar or jug
  • Wooden spoon
  • And of course, water

Chop the fruit in cubes, combine citrus or berries, but note that the fruits should not exceed one third of the jars.

Gently, using the tip of the wooden spoon or roller, lightly press the fruit to release the flavor, but not too vigorously to prevent them from destruction.

The next step is toput ice cubes over the fruit to the top of the jar and pour with water to the top.

You can drink the prepared water immediately, but it would be best to let it stand in the fridge at least 24 hours.

Orange and lime


Raspberry and Lime



Pineapple and mint (Mentha)


Blackberry and sage


Watermelon and rosemary


Sassy fruit water for weight loss


If you want to add flavored spices in the water, the procedure is the same, but you should put the herbs on the bottom of the jar first, first in the bottom of the jar put herbs, push with a wooden spoon to release the flavor, then add the fruit, and then everything else.

After you try this, you will never ever think about buying bottled water again.




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