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Pervert Sets His Sights On Little Girl In Target. When He Throws Himself On Her, This Teen Steps In

Not many people are willing to help others in need, but we can sure say that there are still heroes to save the day. This time it was a 17-year-old boy who protected a little girl from a pervert who had laid his eyes on her.

A man targeted a little girl in Target, and the teenager did everything he could to keep the disgusting man away from the scared girl. The event took place in Boston.

According to CBS Boston, Cameron and his mother, Heather Cook, went shopping in Boston, and they experienced the worst thing ever. Cameron saw an older man setting his eyes on a little girl. “I was close enough that I could smell the liquor coming from his mouth,” explained Cook. “It was horrible.”

But, the moment the man went too close to the little girl, Cameron went in action.

“So I went up to him, I was like, ‘Excuse me sir, do you know her?’ And then the first thing he said was, ‘I’m not a pervert, I’m not a pervert.’ I was like, I didn’t ask you that sir,” Cameron explained.

“He was big, and Cameron had no fear at all,” Heather tried to bring the situation cleared. “He just stood firm on the fact that he knew what this man was doing was wrong.”


The man disappeared after Cameron asked him to, but not without all the cursing and angry muttering.

“I’m very proud of him, but it’s totally within his character,” Cook added. “He’s not afraid to do what’s right.”

Reporters from CBS Boston said that the store manager had called Cameron and Heather to explain that they have handed the surveillance footage of the disgusting incident to the police.

“I’m just happy I was there to protect her,” said Cameron. “Because you never know what could have went on.”





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