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The Extract Of This Plant Will Kill The Cancer Cells In Less Than 24 Hours

A research conducted in the University of Windsor, Canada tried to examine an abundant weed that could be used for cancer curing and the discovery was amazing.
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We present you the magnificent dandelion.

An oncologist discovered something interesting in cancer patients who consumed dandelion root tea and then everything started.

Pamela Ovadje is a post doctoral researcher and she is trying to discover the powerful anti-cancer properties of many natural extracts including dandelion.

She says that they have information that cancer patients have improvement after they consumed a tea made of dandelion root. That is the reason why they started to examine the plant and the root which helped a lot of patients.

She had a lot of doubts because it is a plant that grows everywhere and people would have discovered its properties already.

We should be happy because they started the examination, because the results were too good to be true.
They were able to evaluate the influence of a simple water extract of the dandelion root in different human cancer cells and they observed its influence over chronic myelomonocytic leukemia cell leukemia, T-cell leukemia, colon and pancreatic cancers, without toxicity to normal cells. The studies were confirmed in mice which had human colon cancer cells.

In February 2015 they got approval for human trial. At the moment the extract of dandelion root is in its 1st phase of trials for cancers related to end-stage blood such as leukemia and lymphoma.

A professor of biochemistry and chemistry and principal research investigator for this project Dr. Siyaram Pandey thinks that the extract of dandelion root is able to destroy cancer cells in humans.

How does this work?


The extract of dandelion drives the cancer cells to face apoptosis which is a process where the cells will cause activation of an irregular death program, simply because they are no longer needed. This means that cancer cells will destroy only themselves, leaving the healthy cells intact.

Two cells go through apoptosis

This is a better option than chemotherapy medications which destroy 1 healthy cell for 5 – 10 cancer cells.

At the moment the concentration of dandelion root extract is higher than the one that you can buy on the market.

Remember that it all started with a simple observation of a dandelion root tea.

The trials are in progress and this extract may be the best way to treat cancer.

If you want to learn more about the influence of the extract you can watch the video below.

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