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Most Spices are FILLED with Toxic By-Products of Radiation, Here’s the Symbol to Look For

Spices add flavor to your cooking and have a wide range of health benefits. Spices can prevent diseases because of their anti-inflammatory properties. However, the spices we buy not necessarily mean they are toxic free.

The process of irradiation does not make the spices radioactive. But things are not that simple; simply not being radioactive does not make it good.

Toxic spices do appear on the shelves.

The irradiation process does have benefits: it kills all kinds of bacteria and parasites that may be on the food. According to the FDA, “Irradiation is an important food safety tool in fighting foodborne illness.” Yet, at the same time, the radiation, which starts at 1 KiloGray (around the same as 16,700,000 x-rays) and goes up to 30 KiloGray (almost half a billion!), damages the vitamin and nutrient content of the food, and has been shown to create toxic and radiolytic by-products in it.

The Health Risks (toxic) Of Consuming Irradiated Foods

The food’s vitamin content and nutritional benefits are reduced, leaving your body with less of what you need. Worse yet, the chemical composition of the food may be negatively affected.

Studies have shown that the process of irradiation is responsible for the creation of toxic by-products including benzene, formaldehyde, and formic acid. Other harmful substances can be found which occur only in irradiated foods. One of these is the radiolytic 2-ACB (2-alklycyclobutanoes), which has been demonstrated to damage cells and DNA, cause cancer in animal and test-tube studies, and cause severe, but temporary, neurological dysfunction, like vision loss and paralysis, in cats for as long as it is consumed.

Why Is This Even Considered Safe?!

The process kills bacteria and parasites on food, making it safer. Modern food does pass through many hands on its journey from farm to stomach, and each stop is a possible source for contamination.

But critics point out that the need to kill bacteria in the first place would not exist if the food was produced in more sanitary conditions. Buying food first-hand from local producers would also limit the travel-time of food and the need for any parasite-killing.

Top Irradiated (toxic) Foods To Avoid


In the U.S.A., the list of affected foods includes the following, which are most likely to be irradiated:

  • Many spices and vegetable seasonings
  • White potatoes
  • Wheat, flour, wheat powder
  • Fresh produce
  • Fresh meat and poultry of all kinds
  • Foods treated with gamma-radiation are marked with the international symbol for irradiation:

And should, in the United States, contain the words “Treated with Radiation,” or “Treated by Irradiation,” on the package.

There are several exceptions- BE AWARE:

1) Irradiated meat used in other products, such as sausages, does not need to be marked with the Irradiation symbol, though irradiated meat should appear in the ingredients.

2) Restaurants are not legally required to disclose the use of irradiated food.

There are alternatives to avoid irradiated toxic food:

  1. Look for the markings indicating irradiation and avoid them. Cook at home instead of eating out, so that you know your food is clean.
  2. Opting to eat only organic foods, which should not undergo any irradiation, is possible without even switching grocery stores. Better yet, transitioning to a diet catered by small, local farms is a great way to keep your food close to nature while supporting your regional small-farming community.

Use natural spices, toxic free and stay healthy. We hope you find this article informative and you share it. Thank you!




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