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Mom dumped newborn baby in ant-infested bush—says she didn’t want to upset boyfriend

Mom dumped newborn baby in ant-infested bush—says she didn’t want to upset boyfriend

After a Texas woman gave birth to a baby girl alone in her kitchen, she dumped the baby in an ant-infested flowerbed, worried that her boyfriend might be upset by the child. She claimed afterward that she did not know she was pregnant, while both her boyfriend and mom also claimed that they did not know. If convicted, she could face up to 20 years in prison.

According to various media reports, Sidney Woytasczyk, 21, has been charged with child abandonment after dumping her newborn baby girl into an ant-infested bush.

Fortunately, around 5 a.m., neighbor Albert Peterson heard her cries and found her. “She was there on the ground in the flower bed with ants,” said Peterson. “She was covered from head to toe and all in her ears … She had a lot of strength too. She was fighting.” He then called police.

According to Channel 2 News, Peterson said he had mistaken the baby’s cries for a cat.

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Woytasczyk, from Houston, was worried that the baby would come between herself and her boyfriend. Thus, she placed the child outside after giving birth in the kitchen.

She claimed that she did not know she was pregnant. However, Sergeant Matt Ferguson of the Child Abuse division of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said, “We believe that she was trying to hide the fact that she was pregnant and gave birth from her boyfriend.”

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Woytasczyk now faces a felony charge of abandoning a child and causing serious bodily injury, which carries a maximum possible punishment of 20 years in prison.

“This is a case that has really touched the hearts of everyone here at the Sheriff’s Office,” said assistant Chief Armando Tello of Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

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The child’s father, Deandre Skillern, had stepped forward to claim that he is the father, though he insisted in a custody hearing that he did not know that Woytasczyk was pregnant. Woytasczyk’s mother also claimed that she was not aware of her daughter’s pregnancy. Both Woytasczyk’s mother and the child’s father are seeking to gain custody of the baby.

Lead Investigator Kimberly Thomas stated that, “[Woytasczyk] was scared and she did not know she was pregnant. The father has not been charged and we do not expect more charges. It’s more than likely the baby would have died if no-one had found her in time.”

Harris County Deputy Thomas Gilliland added: “Had this neighbor not been here, we’d be looking at a homicide. It’s a miracle the child was found.”





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