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Most of us had loved ones suffer from cancer at some point in their lives. It’s a disease so insidious, so powerful, that nothing seems to stop certain cases of it no matter what we throw at it.

Below is a success story of a woman by the name of Kristin Garrett who didn’t follow the status quo (which tends to be unsuccessful, and painful), and did her own research which took her on an epic journey. I truly admire her courage to follow her heart and let it lead her to what it knew was the right path for her.

I can certainly relate as I have had my own experiences with this kind of intuition and courage when I was struggling with alcoholism. But I don’t want this article to be about my journey, so without further adieu…

My Cancer Success Story by Kristin Garrett

I truly believe that the ADULT ONSET OF CANCER IS STRESS. (I am not talking about babies who are born with a brain tumor etc). You have to get the stress out of your life. Stress suppresses your immune system and allows bad things to happen in your body.

You must address the emotional component of why you would get cancer in the first place.

I stayed on the Budwig diet recommended in the book “Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing” for 1 ½ years. In the book, Bill Henderson lays out a huge vitamin program. I took all of those vitamins.

Dr. Budwig’s Anticancer Protocol with 2 Simple Ingredients

In Dr. Budwig’s treatment, patients go through two stages. In the first, they eat quark/cottage cheese and flaxseed oil. She was aware of the fact that human body synthesizes omega-3 fats from flaxseed oil in the amount it needs.

“Without these fatty acids, the respiratory enzymes cannot function and the person suffocates, even when he is given oxygen-rich air. A deficiency in these highly unsaturated fatty acids impairs many vital functions. First of all, it decreases the person’s supply of available oxygen. We cannot survive without air and food; nor can we survive without these fatty acids,” the doctor explained.

Her patients received the natural remedy orally, and terminally ill patients received flaxseed oil in their enema. The second part of the therapy involves a special 6-month diet.

And although Dr. Budwig had tremendous success by curing 90% of her cancer patients, the government tried to shut her down.

Stage 1 – The “medicine”


  • 5 tablespoons organic flaxseed oil
  • 1 cup quark cheese

Make sure your cheese isn’t made from homogenized milk. The oil or the seeds should be used right after being exposed to air. Combine the ingredients using a wooden spoon. Add a dash of cayenne pepper for taste if you like. Take at least once a day.

Stage 2 – The diet

  • Eat freshly prepared food
  • Don’t eat butter/margarine, processed foods, soft drinks, sugar, mayonnaise, toppings, salad dressings, non-organic/non-range-fat meat, pure animal fats, artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, medication, tap/bottled water
  • Use grape juice to sweeten your fresh juices
  • Eat chemical-free foods
  • Drink a cup of tea three times a day (grape, peppermint, rose hip) and sweeten it with natural sweeteners
  • Drink fresh juices made of celery, carrots and red beet

It’s a little past my 2 year anniversary of “survival”. That’s a big deal since cancer survival rates are measured by the 2-year mark and the 5-year mark. I am happy to say that I recently had a CT scan with contrast and I am cancer free! I feel great. I work well over 40 hours every week and I am getting my life back to normal. It’s been quite an adventure.

People often want to know what my successful actions were. I am writing this so that everyone can know what I know and hopefully this will help someone have the same success as I have had.

As I write this I’m a little nervous. There have been a few doubters in my life and these people can definitely create some feelings of insecurity. However, my story is just too good and too important not to share it with the world. If I can help someone then it’s worth any social challenges I may face with difficult people.

Dr Lyons said it best: “If I’m not successful at saving you then people are going to say that “Kaqun” (I will define this later) doesn’t work. If I cure your cancer, people will say you never had cancer in the first place. We can’t go around worrying about what other people think.”

When I first got diagnosed, two years ago, I was completely overwhelmed with grief and terror. It took me a couple of weeks to get my head on straight. I had just lost 2 of my best friends to conventional “treatment”. I was there from their time of diagnosis. I watched them deteriorate before my eyes and I was there the night before each of my friends died.

I had been experiencing difficulty breathing for 3 years. I was coughing all the time. I thought I had asthma and then I thought I had emphysema. I couldn’t breathe on walks. I am a singer and I couldn’t sing anymore without coughing in the middle of a song. Then, I developed a pain in my upper back that would not go away. Pretty soon it was hurting me so bad that I was in tears and I told my husband that something must be very wrong.

I went to the Chiropractor and he had me do an x-ray, and then a cat scan and then eventually a PET scan—which is where they inject you with radio-active sugar and then look at your whole body in a MRI-like machine.


Cancer eats sugar, so the cancerous areas light up like a road map from space. Turns out I had a huge tumor in my left lung 8cm long(!) and metabolically active lymph nodes on both sides of my neck. Lung cancer usually moves upwards through the lymph nodes then onto the brain. Luckily, things hadn’t gone that far for me.

After I recovered from the shock of the news, and again, I stress that it was 2 WEEKS…..Here are some suggestions for anyone who has just been diagnosed:

I say this because I don’t think anyone should go to an oncologist right when they find out they have cancer because it’s such an emotionally charged time and it’s so confusing and overwhelming.

You have to be strong and have good information so that you can make wise decisions. This is your life we are talking about here. I promise you, an oncologist will tell you that you have to do chemo right away and that natural cancer cures do not work.

Cancer took years to grow to the point where it can be detected by modern medicine, and in most cases, it can wait a few days more while you figure out your strategy. There are lots of new therapies too like gene therapy and virus therapy, etc.

I have several friends who are breast cancer survivors and they all did chemo and/or radiation and surgery, etc. They all feel great about the decisions they made for themselves.

This is in no way meant to be an invalidation of them. Everyone should have the right to choose how they treat their own bodies. I respect that. I wish them continued good health. This is my story though and not theirs. I am not an expert and I am not here to judge anyone or prove anything, or argue. I am sharing what worked for me.

The most important thing to do is to take time off for yourself and calm down. Take a lot of walks. Get a lot of rest. Eat a lot of healthy vegetables. Go outside and get some sunshine. If you love the beach, go to the beach. Stop eating sugar & dairy immediately.

Take a leave from work if work stresses you out. If not, keep working. Your doctor can write a letter so that you can go on disability and still get your paycheck while you figure things out. I didn’t do this, because I didn’t know I could and wish I would have known.

Don’t allow people to come and spend time with you unless you really want them there in your heart of hearts. This isn’t a time for manners or making others feel okay about what’s happening. Believe me, the weirdest people will come out of the closet and suddenly everyone is a cancer expert.

They want you to know how bad they feel or how scared they are. I surrounded myself with my best friends and family only. One of my friends wrote email updates for me. Some cooked me healthy meals. Others took walks with me, etc. I was lucky enough to have neighbors that I prayed with every day and it brought me a sense of peace. It allowed me to sleep.

You are going through the worst personal news possible. You are training for the most stress you’ll probably ever have to face in your life. Sure, there are worse things than cancer, and kudos to those who have survived worse things- like learning that their kid is missing or terminally ill or something like that—but I am talking about getting the news that you have cancer right now.

Of course, I did go see an oncologist and he told me that I had a 50% chance of surviving for 5 years IF I did radiation, chemo and then a surgery. I asked him what would happen if I did not do any of those things and he said I would die. I asked him if he knew anyone who had refused that treatment and how long they lived? He said he did not know anyone because they were all dead.

I watched videos by Kris Carr—the Crazy Sexy Cancer Thriver. I highly recommend reading her blog and being inspired by her story whether you have cancer or not. There are some very cool cancer clinics in Tijuana and Germany. I visited one called Sonoviv.

If I had had the money, I would have gone to one of those places for their programs, but I was flat broke and I didn’t have any credit cards. I also didn’t have health insurance. Most of the clinics cost upwards of $1,000 a day.

A good friend insisted I read the book “Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing” by Bill Henderson and Dr Garcia.
I read that book cover to cover and I did the WHOLE PROGRAM IN THE BOOK. I also recommended the book to a friend’s sister who was diagnosed with lymphoma, she did the whole program, and guess what? She made a full recovery too!! I cannot say enough good things about this book.

This book will tell you everything you need to know to get rid of cancer and give you a detailed description of every natural healing method out there. I think everyone should just read it.

It’s like doing a CPR class. Sooner or later, with 3 out of 5 people being diagnosed with cancer, you’re going to need the information contained in this book.

After reading the book, I chose not to have a biopsy done. The reason I chose this is because I believe that puncturing a tumor with a needle is a great way to spread cancer throughout one’s body. I knew for sure that I would not be subjecting myself to Chemo so there was no reason for me to find out what “type” of cancer I had so that the oncologists could figure out what “type” chemical therapy they would prescribe for me. This is controversial, to say the least, but I knew I was doing the right thing.

I noticed that some of the people at the baths continued to eat sugar and drink beer and eat bread. A couple of those people are no longer with us today. I cannot be sure that their diets affected their survival, but I know that cancer eats sugar. That’s a fact. If you want to starve cancer cells you can’t be feeding them sugar. Bread turns to sugar. Same goes for alcohol.

I also did a form of radiation called Onco-Thermia. I did about 20 sessions of that. I paid about $100 cash US each time I did it.

So that was $2,000. This is a very gentle form of radiation and there are no burns involved. It cooks the tumor from the inside out. Unfortunately, the doctor who had that machine had it taken away by the Hungarian version of the FDA. I think there are still some places that have it in Germany and in Canada. I really think this was a very integral part of my recovery.





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