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This Healthy Woman Has Actually Been Hiding A Devastating Secret From 15 Years

This Healthy Woman Has Actually Been Hiding A Devastating Secret From 15 Years

Jo Green was experiencing cramps, diarrhea, and hot flushes for about ten years, but she never imagined that it could be something deadly. She was very fit and was living a healthy life, but it was revealed to her by the doctor that Jo Green actually had cancer both in her bowel and bladder. Moreover, she has been having cancer for 15 years, Jo went to the doctor to complain about cramps, but then the news of cancer shocked her. One good thing for Jo, however, is that her healthy living has kept her surviving better than others with the same disease.


Since 19 Years Old

When Jo Green was only 19 years old, she began experiencing various symptoms such as diarrhea, hot flushes, and cramps. However, doctors told her that she was just having an irritable bowel syndrome.

The Surprise At Age 34

What she didn’t expect and ever wanted happened at age 34: Jo Green suffered incredibly abdominal pain and was sent to the hospital. Doctors found out that she had a rare form of cancer, and that there are already a lot of tumors in her neuroendocrine system.



Jo Green underwent surgery to remove the web of tumors in her neuroendocrine system. The tumors had already appeared in her bladder, bowel, and gynaecological area.


Cancer Will Return

Even though some of the cancer has been successfully taken away by doctors thanks to the operation, the cancer is said to return again and that Jo would not be able to cure it at all.

Healthy Lifestyle

Jo Green believes that she was able to live with the symptoms for years because she was living a very healthy lifestyle. The bad part was that her diagnosis arrived late due to her great physique.


For now, Jo Green gets regular injections to ease the neuroendocrine cancer and prevent the disease from creeping up on her fast.


Even though her cancer is incurable, she is incredibly appreciative for her life because her healthy living has enabled her to handle the symptoms better than most people.

Dealing With It

Even if tumors could appear again, she hopes the operation gave her additional years to live. She doesn’t feel any pain anymore, but in exchange, she has to face the fact that she is about to die from cancer.





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