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Doctors: Stop Feeding Your Kids Hot Dogs Immediately


Hot dogs are widely spread around the world and they can be bought everywhere from different festivals to all kind of sport matches. But doctors say that you should stop feeding your kids with this unhealthy food. A survey has shown that more than 155 million hot dogs are consumed …

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Alkaline Water Kills Cancer!? How to Make It!


The pH level determines whether an environment is acidic or alkaline. If its value is below 7, the environment is acidic, and if it’s above 7, it’s alkaline. Ass its pH level is 7, rain water is said to be neutral. Nevertheless, as far as the human body is concerned, …

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“Chemotherapy Kills People Not Cancer,” Doctor Claims…


Accordingto former Mentor of Function and Medical Physics in the School of Florida, Berkeley, Dr. Hardin W. It’s chemotherapy that eliminates people as opposed to cancer, Jones. People who refuse undergoing chemotherapy, dwell 12 ½ years longer than clients who are on chemo, whilst the lecturer further explains. In his …

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These Painkilling Marijuana Tampons May Be The End of Period Cramps


Both common public and medical professionals nowadays recognize the potent medicinal properties of marijuana, suggesting that it can be useful for various medical conditions, from glaucoma to insomnia. Yet, it is most effective as a painkiller, as it quickly soothes all kinds of pain, including pain due to injuries, inflammation, …

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