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Wednesday , June 28 2017
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Cancer Cure

Fight Cancer With Only 4 Tbsp. Per Day Of This


Cancer is the most dangerous disease of our time. It is crucial to do everything in order to stop it from getting in our organism, and if it attacks we have to find a certain cure. That is why in this article you can learn more about Russian scientist and …

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Federal Police Grant Awesome Wish For 12-Year-Old Cancer Patient


A young cancer patient had an unusual wish granted, thanks to the Australian Federal Police (AFP). The Specialist Response Group joined forces with the Make-A-Wish foundation and organized a day at a training village so that 12-year-old Declan’s wish to “blow stuff up” could come true. Declan’s wish Declan, who’s …

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Popeye’s Secret to Nutritionally Fight Cancer


Doctors have known for a long time that cancer is caused by healthy cells that mutate into dangerous cancer cells. However, researchers are now finding that cancer is often the expression of a gene that is turned on by environmental factors, such as diet or exposure to other body toxins. …

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