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Wednesday , June 28 2017
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Cancer Cure

Scientists Find Root That Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In Only 48 Hours

Dandelion has been used medicinally since ancient times for its various health benefits. However, the most powerful benefit to come out of this common weed is something that medical researchers are super excited to have “discovered” – which is its potential to cure cancer! This potent root builds up blood …

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How to Prevent Cancer from Thriving in Your Body


The best way to fight cancer is to create an environment in your body where cancer simply cannot survive. This tactic includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being active. Below you will find specific suggestions and strategies that will help you create an internal environment that does not allow for …

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Curcumin, a bioactive ingredient in turmeric, has the ability to benefit your health in a variety of ways, and prevent a number of different diseases. According to a study published in theNatural Product Reports in 2011, curcumin can be therapeutic for: Lung and liver diseases Neurological diseases Metabolic diseases Autoimmune disorders …

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7 Horrifying Cancer Treatments From History


Modern treatments for cancer are hardly a picnic; chemotherapy, for one, has a host of horrible side-effects. But modern cancer patients may take a little bit of comfort from the fact that, up until the 20th century, things were much, much worse. Depending on the era and location in which …

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