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Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Cancer Cure

How To Make A Giant Cancer Busting Salad

After being diagnosed with cancer (stage 3), a young man decided not to  go for the conventional chemotherapy, and started believing that nature has something better for him. His determination went so far that he started changing his dietary habits. We give you his favorite anti-cancer salad recipe. Back in …

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This Explanation of Cancer Will Blow You Away! -VIDEO


Information In this incredible interview from 2009, Andreas Moritz explains how cancer starts in the body. He also explains why the immune system often leaves cancer cells alone as well as what the cancer is actually trying to do to protect the body. In order to keep our content …

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Essential Oil That Stops Cancer in It’s Tracks..


Essential oils are taking the world by storm because of all of the powerful benefits they offer.        Scientists are slowly coming round to the fact that some essential oils can actually stop cancer from spreading and return cancer cells to their dormant state.    The benefits are no longer …

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