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Monday , August 21 2017
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Selenium – The Cancer Fighting Mineral


Selenium – The Cancer Fighting Mineral January 13, 2016 General, Health No Comments Selenium is a very important trace mineral in human nutrition. It displays powerful ‘cleaning up” or anti-oxidant abilities which neutralize toxic substances in the body. People living in western societies such as the U.S., often don’t get …

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Cancer Is Awkward


How To Talk To Someone With Cancer After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma last October, I realized more and more how awkward everyone got when the topic was brought up. Although cancer has become quite common nowadays, people are still unsure of how to, or even if, they should address it. …

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8 Self-Care Tips For Cancer Survivors


While the first few months after a cancer diagnosis typically is the most challenging, there is a different struggle that comes further down the line in cancer survivorship. Instead of fear and worry, you’re left with anxiety and confusion. Rather than making quick yet carefully considered treatment decisions, you’re forced …

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“Chemotherapy Kills People Not Cancer,” Doctor Claims…


Accordingto former Mentor of Function and Medical Physics in the School of Florida, Berkeley, Dr. Hardin W. It’s chemotherapy that eliminates people as opposed to cancer, Jones. People who refuse undergoing chemotherapy, dwell 12 ½ years longer than clients who are on chemo, whilst the lecturer further explains. In his …

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