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Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Frog Like Baby Gets Born in Nepal


Frog Like Baby Gets Born in Nepal when the drowning woman was saved by the pet dog. Everybody at beach destination was surprised with the effort of the pet dog. Tourists were present to have fun at the beach but they never knew what was going to be watched by …

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Scientists Use Cows As Machines in Europe


Scientists Use Cows As Machines in Europe. Cows have been bred very well with the cattle breed. After the breeding those animals needed some digestion process so that the animals could be more healthy. Scientists wanted to make some holes in the body of the cows so that feed could …

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85% Of Tampons Contain Monsanto’s ‘Cancer Causing’ Glyphosate


Glyphosate, a widely popular herbicide that has been linked to cancer by the World Health Organization’s cancer research arm, was detected in 85 percent of cotton hygiene products tested in a preliminary study from researchers at the University of La Plata in Argentina. Sixty-two percent of the samples also tested positive for AMPA (or …

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What Does Your Sitting Position Talk About Your Personality


According to the psychologists who study body language, sitting position talks about people’s intentions. The point is that we do that unconsciously, and because of that, through our sub consciousness, it manifests our hidden instincts and wishes. We will see what people’s intentions by the way they place their legs …

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