Thursday , October 19 2017

Will Microwaving Tupperware Really Give You Cancer?


The trusty microwave has endured lots of slander since its 1955 introduction. It’s powered by tiny spacemen. It’ll secretlykill your plants. It just zaps the nutrition right out of the food. But one accusation that’s been a little tougher to shake is the rumor that putting plastics in it will …

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Female Cancer female cancer,female cancer treatment, Cervical Cancer, Endometrial Cancer and Ovarian Cancer!


Female Cancer Cervical Cancer, Endometrial Cancer and Ovarian Cancer ,Cancer of the female reproductive tract (e.g., cervix, endometrium, ovaries) often is treated by agynecologic oncologist. A gynecologic oncologist is an obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN) who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of women with cancer of the reproductive organs. Anatomy Of The …

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When the Doctor Doesn’t Look Like You?


CreditGetty Images One night during my training, over dinner in the hospital cafeteria, a fellow resident and I had a discussion about the situation of one of our professors. Known for his blistering teaching sessions, this senior surgeon possessed the uncanny ability to sniff out lapses in memory or judgment …

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Magic Drink Against Stomach Cramps And Gases!


Many of us suffer from a bloated stomach and gases. Upset stomach, painful stomach cramps and upset intestines…all these problems are caused by not properly chewed food, then we get more air in the stomach than necessary. Also, on  the occurrence of this problem, affect carbohydrate and lactose by certain foods such as milk, …

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