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Wednesday , June 28 2017

How to Heal Your Organs and Prevent Cancer With Bee Poll


How to Heal Your Organs and Prevent Cancer With Bee Poll Let’s break down what bee pollen is. Pollen—dubbed by the Greeks and Romans as “lifegiving dust”—comes from the male seeds of flowers, fruits, and crops, and is required for fertilization. When a honeybee gets into a flower, it scrapes …

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3 Days Detoxify The Entire Body – Preventing Cancer


Do not drink milk two days before the detoxification treatment. Removing toxins from the whole body, especially the lungs, is very important since it helps in the normal functioning of each organ system, and besides, if your whole body is in harmony, you will feel much better too. The smokers …

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8 Foods You Mistakenly Think Cause Weight Gain


If you want to lose weight in a hurry, you’ve probably heard that certain foods should be banned from your fridge forever. But, frankly, screw that. By eliminating dairy, carbohydrates, and fatty foods, you’re missing out on nutrients your body needs to fuel weight loss. Plus, your willpower will be …

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